James Shepherd

James Shepherd, Junior Boys and Family Camp Practitioner:

My name is James Shepherd from Eugene Oregon. When I’m not at Camp, I enjoy outdoors activities like skiing, hiking, and camping. I’m going to be the Camp Practitioner for Jr Boys this year and Family Camp 1. I’ve been the prac at Camp for different sessions for quite a few years and each year I look forward to its continuity yet freshness. I love learning more about Christian Science, sharing it with others, living and playing with it in mind–all things we do at Camp. I can’t wait for Jr Boys this year to meet all the new and returning campers and staff.

Conrad Heath

Conrad Heath, Counsellor:

Hey! My name is Conrad and I can’t wait to be on staff this summer. I love hiking, sailing, swimming, playing rugby and weight lifting. I also love singing hymns and reading. One of my favorite books this year was “Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer” which gave me a huge insight into Mrs. Eddy’s life and works. I’m a political science major at Principia College and my focus is on international relations. One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to about this summer is an opportunity to see God’s man more clearly in every person at camp. By depersonalizing false perceptions of man, and seeing God’s “true likeness and reflection everywhere,” (SH 516) I hope to bring out the best qualities in the campers and staff and allow God to work out His purpose without my own ideas getting in the way. I can’t wait for an amazing summer of childlike freedom and growth!

Ben Haak

Ben Haak, Counsellor:

My name is Bunjii and I have been at camp for 11 years. I consider this my second home and am extremely excited to come back this year. During the winter I am a College student at Western Washington university in Bellingham. And I enjoy Tennis, Sailing, Skiing, and learning new things.

Nathan Herrington

Nathan Herrington, Counsellor:

Hey Everyone! I’m Nathan and I am currently living and going to school at UBC here in Vancouver. I grew up in Saudi Arabia but have always loved going to Camp Bow-Isle every summer. I like to swim, sing, take photos, and travel around the world. I’m so excited to be at camp this summer because of the limitless joy, awesome adventure, and loving family that awaits. Not to mention that new climbing wall! Can’t wait to see you there!

Max Kelsch

Max Kelsch, Counsellor, Senior Boys Skills Week:

Hi! I’m Max, from West Vancouver, Canada. I have been coming to camp since I was twelve, and every year I become more and more excited at the prospect of meeting new people, as well as seeing all my old friends. This summer, I’ll be on staff from the beginning of Junior Boys all the way through until the end of family camp.

My area of study is Wood Products Processing at the University of British Columbia, and I will be bringing my experience in this area, as well as in forestry and mountain biking, into the activities covered in this year’s Senior Boys Skills-week. I started racing mountain bikes when I was 11, and now I race both road and mountain bikes at the elite level. Woodworking has also been a long-time hobby of mine, and so have certain aspects of forestry, such as tree growth and identification. I’m particularly looking forward to teaching campers about these things because, believe it or not, these topics all relate to each other really well.

Everything I have learned at camp has been immeasurably valuable to me. Like all of the counselors I have met over the years, I hope that I can also be a blessing to campers.

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson, Counsellor:

Hi! My name is Matt and I’m so looking forward to being a part of the Bow Isle team this summer. I’ve loved previously working at Owatonna and Adventure Unlimited and look forward to “coming home” to Bow Isle. Though I’ve not yet set foot on Bowen Island I have in many ways as I’m very good friends with the brothers Vaughan!! I’m really looking forward to an inspired summer where Love is lived and felt and all of us at Bow Isle feel free to shine. I adore adventure and CS and working with youth. I know all the experiences I’ve had around the world, climbing in India, building a school in Kenya will further serve to help me be the best camp counsellor I can be. I look forward to meeting all campers and staff and I know this summer will be full of growth and good overflowing.

Gabriel Helms

Gabriel Helms, CIT:

I am a 17 year old boy from Bellevue Washington who enjoys sports, being active and learning about Christian Science. I am looking forward to this summer so much, and i cant wait to give back to the Christian Science community. I love Bow-Isle and always have, and anxiously await meeting all the wonderful campers this year!


Colin Herrington

Colin Herrington, CIT:

Hey! I’m a Dubai-born Canadian currently living in Saudi Arabia, where I just finished my junior year of high school. Some of my favourite activities include photography, mountain biking, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball. I have been attending CBI for eight years now, and I can’t wait to come back to it every summer such wonderful experiences, the people, the food, the SURF AND TURF, now as a CIT!