John Biggs – Senior Boys Practitioner

Since moving to the St. Louis, MO area last year, I have been eager to get back to my West Coast mountains-and-oceans roots. Although I’ve served as a camp practitioner for years at other Christian Science camps, I have never been to Bow-Isle and am thrilled to join the camp family. I have always been impressed with the character and Christian commitment that I have seen in those who have attended Bow-Isle, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Senior Boys session this summer. Christian Science is pre-eminently experiential, not just something to be talked about, and I look forward to engaging with the staff and campers as we experience Christ in action!

James Shepherd – Junior Boys and Family Camp 2 Practitioner

Hi, my name is James Shepherd. I’m so looking forward to being the practitioner at Camp for the Jr Boys session this year. (I HAVE done this before and I DO know what I’m doing!).

Camp provides an environment where we can better see in each other God’s qualities such as purity, strength, joy, intelligence, and care for each other. I love participating in all of the games and activities with the boys. I also enjoy being with them during those times in the day where there is less structure and when they create their own play out of of the materials in nature all around them.
I’m looking forward to tucking them all in bed at night and asking them how awesome their day was. Most of all I’m just looking forward to being with your boy for two weeks!


Conrad Heath – Counselor

Hi! My name is Conrad Heath. I’m in my third year at Principia College studying political science and history. Last winter I took a trip to Europe which helped me realize how important it is to think about, and pray for, the entire world. There’s just so many awesome people out there! I love summer in B.C. because I can do all my favorite things. A few of those are hiking, kayaking, sailing, skiing, swimming in the ocean, and singing songs around a campfire. The biggest thing I love about camp is how few distractions there are. Whatever we do with camp we’re all fully in it. Nobody gets left out, and nobody has anything besides God and camp to focus on. Because of this we get the most out of whatever we’re doing, and this really makes camp awesome. I can’t wait to be back this summer and give 100 percent to whatever we all do!!

Tate Shepherd – Counselor and Senior Skills Week Counselor

Hello, my name is Tate Shepherd. I am very excited to spend this summer learning more about Christian Science, and how I can apply it to all aspects of life. While going to school at Montana State University, I learned a lot about mountains and the outdoors, and it is my pleasure to pass this knowledge on so that others can enjoy them as much as I have. I am a very passionate rock climber, and it has been a great joy and comfort applying the laws of Christian Science to this activity. I look forward to teaching anybody interested in this, about how I have overcome times of fear, by trusting in God. See you at Camp!.

Nathan Herrington – Counselor

Hi! I’m Nathan and I am currently living and working at the University of British Columbia here in Vancouver. I grew up in the deserts of the Middle East and have spent many of my summers running around in the forests of Camp Bow-Isle. I love to swim, explore, take photos, and go on adventures with friends. I am so excited for another epic summer at Bow-Isle with a focus on how we can share the Love and joy we express at Camp with the rest of the world. Can’t wait to see you there!

Max KelschMax Kelsch – Counselor

Hello parents and campers! My name is Max, and I will be a counselor for the boys’ sessions this summer.
I began going to Camp when I was twelve, and since then my enthusiasm for what goes on here has only grown. Some of my favourite Camp activities are gaga, testimony meetings, hiking, out-trips, and pretty much everything else we do. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Wood Science, and for years I have been an avid competitive cyclist. The lessons I’ve learned as a camper, as well as a counselor, have been essential to the success I’ve had and continue to enjoy. I certainly look forward to meeting all campers and parents this summer, and to help make this year just as great as all the others!

Micah Stevens – Counselor

Hello, my name is Micah Stevens and I LOVE CAMP BOW-ISLE!! Here’s why: We learn more and more about ourselves as perfect children of God every single day, we are always outside doing something amazing, and everyone at camp loves each other! I love what camp has brought to me over my many years as a camper and staff member here and I would not be who I am today without this wonderful place and the counsellors I have known here. I am so passionate about giving back to the world as a staff member this year, and furthering your child’s understanding of their true spiritual identity is my priority!

Jack MacIntire – Counselor

Hello! My name is Jack MacIntire. I just finished my undergraduate degree in Finance from Ithaca College. At Ithaca I played various sports at the varsity, club and intramural levels that includes, lacrosse, football, soccer, and basketball. I absolutely love camp and have been coming to Bow-isle since I was 10 years old. I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming, sailing and really any activity that camp has to offer. I am so looking forward to being on staff at Camp Bow-isle because I love to make new friends and go on many new adventures. I am also excited to grow in Christian Science with a great group of people and express true, God-given enthusiasm for every activity. I can’t wait for this summer at Camp!.

Colin HerringtonColin Herrington – Junior Counselor

Hey! My name is Colin Herrington, and I am 18 years old, Canadian, and have just graduated from high school in Saudi Arabia. This will be my ninth summer at camp, and I can’t wait! I love the outdoors, playing ultimate frisbee, and taking pictures. Whether you’re new to camp or not, get ready for an amazing summer, and I hope to see you there!