A.J. Kiser – Senior Boys Practitioner

Hi friends, my name is A.J., I live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and I’ve been in the healing ministry of Christian Science since graduating college seven years ago. I also work at The Mother Church. I’m married, I ran my first marathon last winter on Cape Cod, and “eight sticks” is my favorite camp game.
I’ve been privileged to spend six summers at Camp Bow-Isle. It’s a wonderful place because it encourages campers and staff to be doing the greatest thing in the world: loving God, living in obedience to the teachings of Christ Jesus, and experiencing the awesome power of taking up the cross and helping a brother. I hope you’ll join us for this epic summer of spiritual growth!

James Shepherd – Junior Boys Practitioner

Hi campers and families! My name is James. Some know me as Canada Carl’s other brother. When I’m not at Camp I live in Eugene Oregon (715 km south of the Camp Pole!)! I’m looking forward to being the prac for the Junior Boys session this year and treasuring everyone as the offspring of divine Love. Everyone is treasured at Camp. Staff and Campers alike are given the opportunity to better see themselves and others as Love’s treasure: as valuable, whole, complete, unique individuals. Sometimes this might seem like a tall order. Like when our tent mate is bugging us. Or when we feel we might be missing home. Or when Mt Gardner seems SOOO tall and steep! To see others as Love’s treasure could be thought of as one of the ‘infinite tasks of truth’ that is spoken of in this year’s metaphysical theme. When we’re tempted to think of ourselves– or others– as anything less than the treasure of Love, we can put on ‘pause’ those revolving human images. As we ‘wait on God’, She will show us Her true, perfect, treasured creation. And, as we ‘push onward’, we will see more and more of the treasure of Love that’s within ourselves and others. See you soon!

Nathan – Senior Counsellor

Hi! I’m Nathan and I am currently living and working at the University of British Columbia here in Vancouver. I major in geography and love learning about the natural environment of the Vancouver area as well as how people interact with place around the world. I grew up in the deserts of the Middle East and have spent many of my summers running around in the forests of Camp Bow-Isle. I love to swim, explore, take photos, and go on adventures with friends. I am so grateful and excited for another awesome summer at Bow-Isle. There’s so many opportunities for learning and spiritual growth in store at camp and I can’t wait to see you there!

Max – Senior Counsellor

Hello! My name is Max. I studied educational studies and philosophy during my undergrad at Principia College and enjoy working with youth, learning together as we progress towards our individual and collective outcomes. I am from the Pacific Northwest and grew up doing lots of outdoor trips and camping with my Boy Scout troop, so I cannot wait to spend time outdoors in one of my favorite areas in the world, among a group of people working to uplift thought, glorify God, and have a blast doing it. This will be my first year at Bow-Isle and just my second summer at a Christian Science camp. My sister grew up attending camp Bow-Isle during the summer and always came back with a huge smile and engaging stories, so I am excited to experience Bow-Isle and contribute to all it has to offer!

Jack – Skills Week Counsellor

Hey Everyone! My name is Jack Mac. I am from Seattle, Washington and have been either going to Camp as a camper or as a counselor for almost 12 years! Last year I graduated from Ithaca College in upstate New York, and since graduation I have been working in Seattle as a Data Analyst at Amazon. Camp is easily one of the highlights of my year each year and I am very excited to lead the skills week session this year!! I love to Sail, Surf, Hike, Climb, and play all sorts of team sports including lacrosse, football and soccer. I cannot wait for the adventures this year at camp, and I know we will have an incredible summer! WOOOHOOO!!

Colin – Senior Counsellor, Skills Week Counsellor

Hello! My name is Colin, and I am a first year student in the Bachelor of Media Studies at the University of British Columbia. Prior to moving to Vancouver this past summer I lived in The United Arab Emirates and then Saudi Arabia, but I have been coming back to Canada every summer since 2009 to come to camp. I love being outdoors, taking awesome photos, playing ultimate frisbee, doing duties, and basically everything about Camp Bow-Isle. Can’t wait to see you all out there this summer!

Henry – Junior/Senior Counsellor

WHAT IS UUUUPPPP!!!!!!! My name is Henry, I am a Piano Performance Major at Central Washington University and I am super excited for camp this summer. My hobbies include playing the piano, ultimate Frisbee, having a great time, backpacking, and reading. I am looking forward to being on the Camp Bow-Isle staff because I can’t wait to spend time with a bunch of guys who want to learn about Christian Science!!!

Charlie – Junior Counsellor

Hello my name is Charlie! I am 17 years old and I live in Seattle, Washington. I love sports, especially lacrosse and football. I have been a camper at bow-isle since I was 6 years old. And I am very excited to have fun at camp and ready express the love the camp brings out of all of us.

Hello my name is Charlie! I am 17 years old and I live in Seattle, Washington. I love sports, especially lacrosse and football. I have been a camper at bow-isle since I was 6 years old. And I am very excited to have fun at camp and ready express the love the camp brings out of all of us.

Marshall – Junior Counsellor

Hello, my name is Marshall. I am a college Freshman studying Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, and I live in California but only just moved here from Missouri. I have a wide range of interests, from ocean studies, to do it yourself projects, to climbing. I have a hard time finding time to fulfill my desire to participate in all of my different interests, but I love to keep myself busy and learning. My friends will often find me outside reading in a hammock, projecting a new route at the climbing wall, or cooking. Those are my three favorite activities. My hammock and a book is how I like to learn as well as take some time to be alone and reflect. The climbing wall is where I most love to be. Climbing is like a great physical puzzle. It requires mental fortitude and endurance and fosters great mental strength. Cooking is my way of bringing people together. While I have a long way to go before I am a great cook, I enjoy the type of familial joy and love people share when cooking and sharing a meal. At camp, I hope to share that same sense of joy and love with all the campers and staff. Being here is an opportunity to create such a strong atmosphere of a willingness to learn, strength, and love, that it leads to development of a character. It is a time for everyone to become more connected to their natural states of joy and peace, and I can’t wait to add value to that time.

Fletcher – CIT (Counsellor In Training)

Hello! My name is Fletcher. I am 16 years old and going into 12th grade of high school. This is will be my eighth summer at Camp Bow-isle. I love playing sports, and I play hockey and rugby but I play basketball and soccer for fun with friends. I’m really looking forward to being on staff this year as a CIT because camp has been a huge part of my life and it has always been the highlight of my summer. Camp is so fun and inspiring and I want to make sure it is for all the campers who are currently at camp, or just starting to have the same amazing experience that I had as a camper. I’m excited to share about my year of travel around the world when I see you. Can’t wait to see you at camp this summer and have an amazing time!

Jake – CIT (Counsellor In Training)

I am Jake, I’m 17 years old, and I’m from Chico, California. I have been attending Sunday School my whole life, and I’m on my final year of the Discovery bound NLC Program. I have earned two congressional award certificates. I am also a Boy Scout, and am currently working on the rank of Eagle. I love playing sports and being outdoors. I also love music and art. I can’t wait to work with the campers this summer and help them grow spiritually and achieve their goals. I am looking forward to meeting all of the campers and passing down my knowledge of camping and the outdoors to them.

Peter – CIT (Counsellor In Training)

Hi, my name is Peter and I’m really excited to be one of your camp counsellors this summer! We’re gonna have a ton of fun. I live in Bellevue, Washington which is just about 4 hours South of Bowen Island. In my free time I love to hike, mountain bike, and go camping. I also love photography so you might see me walking around with a camera at some point. During the winter, I spend my time skiing, programming computers, and getting cozy with my family. My favorite part about Camp Bow-Isle is that you can totally be yourself because everyone here loves you for who you are. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you guys, and participating in all the fun Bow-Isle has to offer. See you soon!

Gabriel – Boys Sessions Photographer

Hi, I’m Gabriel. I’m the boys camp photographer/videographer this summer! When not at Camp Bow-Isle, you can find me one of two places. In Beaverton, Oregon at home or at Principia College, going to school to earn my Bachelor’s degree in both Business Administration and Mass Communications. I love running, photography, videography/vlogging, and being outside enjoying the weather of the Pacific Northwest. I’m looking forward to capturing all the fun camp activities, the campers having such a great time here at camp, and meanwhile being able to contribute to the wholesome camp atmosphere Camp Bow-Isle has for everyone.