Nathan – Counselor

Hi! I’m Nathan and I am currently living and working at the University of British Columbia here in Vancouver. I major in geography and love learning about the natural environment of the Vancouver area as well as how people interact with place around the world. I grew up in the deserts of the Middle East and have spent many of my summers running around in the forests of Camp Bow-Isle. I love to swim, explore, take photos, and go on adventures with friends. I am so grateful and excited for another awesome summer at Bow-Isle. There are so many opportunities for learning and spiritual growth in store at camp and I can’t wait to see you there!

Colin- Counselor

Hello! My name is Colin Herrington and I just finished my second year at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I love to play ultimate frisbee, take photographs, and be outside. Can you imagine a summer where you get to hike up big mountains, shred the waves of Tofino, and play extreme camp wide games, all with very cool people around you? I can, because it’s happened before at Camp Bow-Isle, and it’s almost certainly going to happen again in some way or another, so you should come! 

Henry – Counselor

Hi, I’m Henry Rasco. I like to long board, play piano, and backpack. I’m stoked for camp this summer because I will get to go on all kinds of adventures with the campers and we get to learn a ton about Christian Science together.

Max – Counselor (Senior Boys)

Hello everybody! My name is Max Bruch. I’m currently living and working in St. Louis and am so excited to be returning to Camp Bow-Isle for senior boys. I work at a school and greatly enjoying interacting with and developing relationships with young people. I enjoy being active, from backpacking, to playing soccer, or even swing dancing. I also enjoy strengthening bonds and growing with others. This will only be my second summer at Bow-Isle and am ecstatic for the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the loving and supportive environment we all foster.

  Marshall- Counselor (Junior Boys)

My name is Marshall Fielding, and I am so stoked to spending summer with you at Camp Bow-Isle. When I’m not going on adventures at Bow-Isle, you can usually find me out rock climbing, cycling, hiking, camping, relaxing in a hammock with a book, or building something. My favorite movies are anything to do with Star Wars but Captain America is my role model, I prefer mountains to beaches, and a good time is any time with friends and family. At camp this summer I am most looking foreword to some legendary rounds of pirates and cargo, hiking Mt. Gardner, and Pancakes!

Jake – Junior Counselor (Junior Boys)

I am really looking forward to meeting all the campers this summer. I have a lot of knowledge and skills I have accumulated through Boy Scouts, and I am looking forward to sharing them with campers this summer. Some of my favorite things to do are camping, water activities, and hiking. I also love working out and playing sports. I just graduated from the NLC class of 2019, and I love meeting other Cristian Scientists and sharing thoughts. I had a blast last summer working as a CIT at Bow-Isle, and I can’t wait to see new and returning faces this summer!

Jacob – Skills Week Counselor

Hi everyone! I’m really looking forward to being at camp this year as a mountain biking skills week counselor. Camp Bow-Isle sparked my love for mountain biking during an out trip and I’ve been at it ever since. I even raced a few years during college. At home in San Francisco, when I’m not mountain biking, you can find me reading as a second reader at a branch church, surfing, plumbing, and enjoying the good eats of the city. See you all soon!

Jesse – Skills Week Counselor

Hello! My name is Jesse Dehnert and I live in Seattle, WA. I work as a Project Engineer for a mechanical contractor, but I love making time to come up to camp whenever I can. When I’m not working I love to play the violin and guitar and I have been getting into mountain biking with my brother. I started going to Bow-Isle when I was 8 and I have come back every time I have had the chance. I can’t wait for the summer!

 James Shepherd – Junior Boys Practitioner

Hi! My name is James Shepherd. I’m listed in the Journal in Oregon. Feel free to contact me before, during or after this Session. I’m looking forward to being the prac for this year’s Jr Boys session. It is such a joy to see the progress we all make spiritually in a single two week session. As well as to witness the growth returning campers make from year to year. Whether your boy is a first time camper or a ‘seasoned’ Jr Boy, you can rest assured that youth sessions at Camp Bow Isle provide the best care possible. They provide the opportunity for these dear ones to grow in their understanding of their inseparable connection to Love–while also learning about the outdoors and having fun. All at the same time!.

Jerry McIntire – Senior Boys Practitioner