“… let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy…”  Ps 5:11

We have been praying with our metaphysical theme this year to trust more and more in God’s direction for camp this summer. Despite the continued US-Canada border closure, we are working diligently to accommodate as many campers and families as possible. In addition to youth camp on Bowen Island, we are excited to offer day camp programs on the West Coast of the US!

These programs are for Christian Scientists. If you are interested in our Outdoor Centre secular day camp, click here!

US Day Camp Programs $480 CAD (~$400 USD)

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SF Bay Area, CA: June 14 – 18
Bainbridge Island, WA: June 21 – 25
Seattle, WA: June 28 – July 2
Portland/ Salem, OR: July 5 – 9

Bowen Island CS Youth Program (rate TBD)

Co-ed Day Camp: August 1 – 14 (potential to become an overnight program)

Family and Adult Programs


Women’s Weekend: June 18-20
California Family Weekend: June 11 – 13
Family Camp 2: August 16 – 21
Family Camp 3: August 23 – 28


Family Camp Adult: $475 CAD (~$400 USD)
Family Camp Child (2-20): $275 CAD (~$225 USD)
Family Camp Infant (0-2): $150 CAD (~$125 USD)
Weekend Programs: $250 CAD (~$210 USD)

Canceled Programs

Work Party: May 21 – 23
Family Camp 1: June 7 – 12
60th Reunion: August 21 – 22
Men’s Weekend: September 10 – 12

Bowen Island CS Day Camp (ages 7-18)

From August 1 – August 14, we’ll have two incredible weeks for playing games, hiking, swimming, and developing a handful of outdoor skills such as canoeing, kayaking, archery, rock climbing, and fire building. You’ll get to participate in a lesson study each day with a small group, as well as a Wednesday evening testimony meeting with the whole camp. Some days you will dress up as a pirate to chase down cargo through camp, or even better, become a caveman or woman to participate in the cave Olympics. Whether it’s your first time or not, we are so excited to welcome you to our home on Bowen Island. This program is currently scheduled as a day camp, however, there’s a possibility that restrictions will change by the end of summer allowing us to run this program as an overnight program. More details to come! 

Note: Applications are currently open to Canadian residents only. US campers will be automatically waitlisted.

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US Week-Long Day Programs (ages 7-17)

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Our one-week US day programs are for brand new and returning campers alike. Campers will have the opportunity to make friends, learn more about Christian Science, and participate in a variety of activities! Every day will bring new opportunities to challenge yourself and try something new in a supportive and loving environment. We are not collecting deposits for this program, and payment is not due until the first day of the session you have signed up for. 

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Family Camp (Bowen Island and California)

At Camp Bow-Isle, we are one big family! Singles, couples, and families of all sizes and ages are welcome. During the six-day session, you can try archery, canoeing, hiking, camp-wide games, crafts, rock climbing, swimming, and the ropes course. You are welcome to participate in every activity or to make your own plan and enjoy the great food and company. Childcare is provided for a portion of each day, giving parents time to do something on their own. Family camp is a wonderful way to share the joy of camp and Christian Science with your family and friends.

We are also pleased to announce that we are also adding a June family fun weekend in Northern California! We are hosting this weekend on private property so space is limited. Families will be automatically waitlisted for this event until we can solidify all aspects of the program including lodging. 

Note: Bowen Island applications are currently open to Canadian residents only. Those applying from the US will be automatically waitlisted. California Family Camp is open to US residents only. 

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Women’s Weekend

The women’s weekend retreat gives adult Christian Scientists the opportunity to connect with friends while participating in various camp activities. These programs can include inspirational talks, great food, games, art projects, hikes, and wonderful company. You can stay with us on camp property or at a nearby Bowen Island B&B. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Note: Women’s Weekend applications are currently open to Canadian residents only. US adults who register will be automatically waitlisted. The inaugural men’s weekend has been rescheduled to 2022.

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2021 Metaphysical Theme:  “… let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy…”  Ps 5:11