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Assistant Director Application Form  |  Deadline for submission:  August 7, 2019


Personal Information

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Church Membership

Which church do you regularly attend?

Are you a member of your branch church?

Are you a member of the Mother Church?

Have you taken Primary Class Instruction?

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Education, Employment, Volunteer Work

 Please include a Resume with this application.



Explain how you meet each of the qualifications for the Assistant Director position posted on this website.













Please list any formal certifications/training relevant to the position (eg, lifeguard certification)

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Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

If yes, please explain.




Please supply details for 3 references that are not related to you.  Include someone you worked with, someone who had speak to your commitment to Christian Science and one other:


Name           Organization                      Position                                Phone                   e-mail







Commitment to Christian Science

Briefly explain why you are a Christian Scientist and how you use Christian Science in your daily life.







Standards of Conduct

Camp Bow-Isle is a very special community built on the principles of Christian Science. Especially as an Assistant Director, the importance of serving as a true leader and example of Christly-love, wisdom, compassion, integrity as taught in Christian Science is paramount. Living and demonstrating Christian Science is the most important aspect of each staff member’s job. As such, reliance on Christian Science treatment for help in challenging circumstances is expected. Staff will not use or endorse the use of medication while at camp. Staff will not possess, use or endorse the use of tobacco, drug or alcohol products. Staff will not engage in or endorse any form of sexual activity outside of marriage. Camp Bow-Isle programs are active and require that one be emotionally well and physically fit. Staff is expected to joyfully and enthusiastically lead and participate in activities. Staff agrees to follow the orders of the Executive Board to the best of their ability.

Do you understand and agree with the above mentioned Standards of Conduct?


In applying for the Assistant Camp Director position, additional requirements of the role will include:

  • Attending Board meetings and Board conference calls.
  • Frequent communication with the Board and occasionally with Guild members.
  • Hiring and recruiting seasonal staff.
  • Assisting the Executive Director with programming and administrative tasks.
  • Attending relevant camp shows.
  • Communicating with camp families past, present and future several times a year through a variety of media.
  • Directing summer camps and family camps.
  • Participating in the AGM in the fall of each year as well as an annual work party weekend and perhaps other off-season events.
  • Maintaining a number of annual certifications (lifeguard, first aid, class 1 driver’s license, food safety, high ropes, etc.).

In applying for the Assistant Camp Director position, are there any additional requirements that you feel you would need additional training to meet?

If yes, please explain: