Merry Christmas Everyone!

All the campers with the last name of “Heath” are home for the holidays and we are loving our time here in Tent “0”. Rex is especially happy to have the Big Kids home to play; all that is needed now is some snow! We’ll see…

If you are a camper and have not received it yet, keep your eyes open for your very own Camp Bow-Isle Calendar, coming soon to a mailbox near you. If you haven’t seen this and would like one, please be in touch with us at

Likewise, we invite all of you to join us at with a bowl of popcorn to view the new video. We think you will agree that Abby really knocked this one out of the park!

I opened a note today from the mom of a camper that echoes what I have heard from so many parents over the years. Essentially, she said, “My son has always loved camp, but this year it seemed to be something incredible to him. He came home with something more this time. It was a more deeply meaningful experience this year.”

Yep, I get it. And it makes my heart leap each time, because this is what we are watching for in EVERY Camp Bow-Isle camper: the “a-ha moment” when they realize that camp is more than just a good time; more than just great activities and great food in a safe place. Camp is about life. Even better, Camp is about “Life”, a synonym of God, and each camper’s beautiful relationship to their Father-Mother.

I think there are two primary explanations for the frequency of these types of comments.

Like good literature, Camp tends to meet us at a number of levels. From the basic acceptance of independence and responsibility expressed by a nine-year-old junior camper who hugs Mom and Dad and then turns bravely toward the new frontier of camp life; to the calm leadership expressed by seasoned counselors working through tricky social dynamics; to EVERY other challenge that camp offers, physically, mentally, spiritually; the challenges are custom-fitted to every individual. And of course, Camp Directing is on this scale as well. We are not doing the tailoring, we are all having our own sets of challenges to work and pray our way through.

And the second reason that camp becomes more meaningful over the years is this: your child is LEARNING. All the time. They’re learning from you, learning from teachers, learning from peers, learning in Sunday School. Camp is a learning environment as well. Because of the uniqueness of camp, it tends to be intense, and it fosters constant learning. After a few years of camp, the particular type of learning that happens at camp starts to reinforce itself. Your child realizes that they really value this type of learning, this type of environment. And the “a-ha moment” comes, hopefully, when they recognize that although they have learned A LOT at camp about their own wonderful relationship with God, that the learning does not have to stop just because they leave camp at the end of the session. Your child can keep learning about their relationship with God anywhere. A-ha indeed!

Believe it or not, camp starts in six months. We can’t wait for the learning to continue, and we can’t wait to see your children again!

Have a blessed Christmas Season!

Much Love from all of us here at Camp Bow-Isle,