Like a good movie or story, Camp has a beginning, a middle and an end. And just as the impact of a story is substantially reduced if you miss part of it, missing any part of the camp-story puts a camper at a huge disadvantage. On arrival day, like the opening scene of the story, we introduce the characters, and frame the action. We talk about how to keep God front and centre in the plot. We talk through the sincere effort that will be required to make the session as meaningful as possible over the next two weeks. Most importantly, any group begins to bond from the moment they come together for the first time. If someone is not there, the group begins to form with out them. If a camper arrives a day late, the group is well into defining itself, and the whole group needs to start again with the arrival of a new member.

Each day at camp adds a new chapter to the story, a new scene in the movie. Imagine how hard it is to follow a story if you miss a full chapter! The whole group suffers if anyone misses that chapter. As the session progresses, the action intensifies. Some days are more challenging than others. The days are ordered in a pattern that allows skills to build, conversations to deepen and metaphysical thoughts to expand. Many staff members hurry back from town half way through a day off so they miss as little of the story as possible.

The last night of camp is the climax and the conclusion of two weeks effort on the part of campers and staff. Leaving before the closing ceremony will mean that the camper, and really the whole group, does not get to finish the story.

Remember that EACH and every camper and staff member is about 1/30th of the community. If one person misses a day, especially the last day, it really affects everyone. We hope that all campers can arrive on the first day of camp before dinner and stay until the very end when we say our final good-byes at the ferry. Camp is a group activity and the group is not whole if even one person is missing.

Summer is almost here! We cannot wait to see you!

Much love from Karin and Jon