Summer 2014 was an amazing combination of healings, activities, joy, productivity, inspiration, sunny days, cool nights, new friends, old friends, personal challenges and growth! We are pleased to say that we had as much fun as the campers and we are already looking forward to next year.

Of all the good that goes on at camp, the most important thing to me is that children have an opportunity to learn more about their perfect relationship to their Father-Mother God. This is Camp’s “raison d’être”. I’m very pleased to say that this could be observed among the ranks of campers and staff on a daily basis. I was struck by the overriding quality of thought on the part of the staff. Listening in on their lesson-study periods I was always impressed by the spiritual understanding, the depth of Biblical knowledge and the importance of Christian Science in the lives of our staff. Nearly all of our Sunday School teachers this summer were class-taught students of Christian Science. Moreover, as lesson-study and Sunday School consume such a small portion of each day and each session, I was even more appreciative of how the staff incorporated Christian Science into all the other parts of their day.

I watched our counsellors working with campers on building “forts” in the woods and listened as the staff recounted a healing they had had a few years earlier when they took a fall. I watched counsellors teaching archery and describing the nature of “sin” as “missing the target” and discussing how to make the correction in thought and improvement in accuracy. I watched staff members teaching canoeing and reminding campers that all communication is from God to man, and that as a result we all have the opportunity to be obedient to the commands of the canoe “captain” and to be creative and clear communicators when it is our turn in the role of captain. And the list goes on and on.

This is the joy of living, for a few weeks, in a deliberate community of Christian Scientists. Each of us is very naturally reflecting the Truth of this Science constantly. When we know that we will not be rebuffed for uttering these ideas, they naturally come bubbling out of us, and they become part of our normal pattern of communication. How great is that?!

Our September was filled with day camp and archery programs for the Bowen Island community as well as time spent with the Directors of all the Christian Science Camps, TMC Youth, Principia, Longyear Museum, Wayside House, Asher Student Foundation, Albert Baker Fund, Trust Canada and more. All these organizations came together at First Church West Vancouver for a CS Fair where everyone could gather information and ask questions.

Last week we held the first “Man Hours” volunteer event for men to come together and work on a project in the community. We spent the evening prior to the event reading CS Monitor articles and discussing ways to pray about the issues. On Saturday, ten of us spent the day with Habitat for Humanity repairing a house in West Seattle. It was a fun, productive day, and we all felt good about what we were able to contribute. And again, it is the spiritualized concept of “home” that we were embracing as we repaired the building.

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall months as much as we are! We love thinking about each of you blessing your communities with the same love you shared with us at camp this summer!

Best to all,