Seasonal Employment

Are you interested in working at Camp Bow-Isle? Camp offers a unique opportunity for young Christian Scientists to enhance their leadership skills and gain experience in a variety of outdoor activities. We begin accepting staff applications in January. Below are the positions available at camp each summer:

Counsellor and Junior Counsellor
Responsible for the welfare of the campers in their tents. Assists with planning and carrying out program activities, and assists campers with duties. Must be at least 18. All counsellors must be Mother Church members.

Shares responsibilities with Counsellors and Junior Counsellors in tent and during duties and program time. Must be supervised at all times. Must be at least 17.

Keeps the facility operational on a day-to-day basis — assisting with duties, mowing and watering grass, emptying garbage, sorting recyclables, mopping floors, doing laundry, building and repairing whatever is necessary.

Camp Cook and Cook’s Help
Plans meals, assists with ordering, and prepares all meals in camp for campers and staff.

For more information please email Camp Bow-Isle. or phone us toll-free at 877-943-2442.

Here is how one staff member described working at Camp Bow-Isle in a letter to a friend:
“You should totally work at Bow-Isle next summer. Just my opinion. It’s awesome.

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