Girls and Boys Camper Application Form

Please complete the application form below for junior and senior camper sessions and skills weeks.

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If there are additional campers to register, please continue with the registration form below. Otherwise, click the button to continue to the next section.

If there are additional campers to register, please continue with the registration form below. Otherwise, click the button to continue to the next section.

We saved the best for last!

  • We (campers and parents) understand that Camp Bow-Isle is a camp for Christian Scientists and that reliance on prayer is the method of healing while at Camp. Parents will be called in the event of illness or injury; until parents can be contacted, assistance will be rendered in accord with the Director’s judgment.
  • There is no medical expertise, nor can there be medication of any kind at Camp Bow-Isle.
  • In accord with the moral standards of Christian Science, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexual activity outside of marriage, vulgar language, or the verbal suggestion of the above, are not permitted.
  • Parents and campers understand that Camp is a group experiences and that exclusive behavior or embarrassing activities will not be tolerated. This includes embarrassing skits, remarks, humiliating activities, and, to a degree, rough-housing where embarrassment or injury may result. Camp is a community built on Principle and Love.
  • Campers are responsible for taking care of their personal belongings and for some daily duties such as cleaning in and around living quarters and Camp buildings, and helping out with dishes. Establishing a work ethic is part of Camp life.
  • Dismissal from Camp is a last resort, but may be necessary for serious violations of Camp policy or if behavior is extremely undesirable and no progress is observed. Travel arrangements will be made with parents prior to dismissal.
  • Parents and campers understand that Camp Bow-Isle programs are active and require participants to be emotionally well and physically fit. If there is any reason that a camper is unable to participate in a vigorous social outdoor program, including a backpack trip over steep terrain, please include a note on a separate piece of paper with a brief description of the situation. We will accommodate everyone to the best of our ability; however, we are not a “treatment program.” In consideration to others and fairness to the campers, bed-wetters cannot be admitted.
  • Safety and supervision is practiced first, always and everywhere. All staff are also trained in camp security issues. We do not assume responsibility for accidents. Camp Bow-Isle is not responsible for the loss of property due to fire, theft or carelessness of campers. Permission is assumed for the use of photos/videos taken during the program.

The following health-related questions must be filled out for legal reasons. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please let us know of any special needs or dietary requests. It is very helpful for our staff and cooks to know ahead of time how we can best prepare to welcome you at camp. Your notes help us to hire and designate the appropriate staff to cover various needs and offer quality programming for all. Kindly remember that we have a small but mighty kitchen staff working hard to provide delicious, well-balanced meals during our sessions, and we cannot accommodate all requests. We may ask you to send special food with your camper or contribute extra if you have requests beyond what we can offer within our regular groceries budget. We offer a vegetarian option at every meal.

Please feel free to call (877) 943-BIG-A or include any notes or comments here regarding your child's registration.

We are grateful for the beautiful photos captured by our session photographers, uploaded almost daily throughout the summer to our Smugmug account, accessed via our website. We may also share photos in our marketing materials, annual Camp calendar, and our daily posts to social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) which are enjoyed by Camp friends, alums, campers, and parents.

Our electronic signatures below indicate that we fully understand that there is no medicine or medical expertise at Camp Bow-Isle, and that we have read and agree to the terms of this document.

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