Congratulations — You’re almost finished!  You have a few options for payment:

  • Bring a cheque with you when you arrive on May 29 for your weekend: $200.00 CDN/$175.00 USD.
  • Mail a cheque, payable to Camp Bow-Isle: $200.00 CDN/$175.00 USD.  Our mailing addess is 871 Green Road, Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2 Canada.  (Note: The cost to mail a first-class letter from the US to Camp is $1.25 — be sure to add sufficient postage to ensure your letter reaches us and allow extra time for delivery!)
  • Pay online with a credit or debit card, using our secure Paypal payment portal.  Click the icon below for your preferred payment currency.


us 338 x 116canada 344 x 118