About Camp Bow-Isle

Established in 1960, Camp Bow-Isle has been supporting young Christian Scientists as they learn more about themselves as the perfect children of God. The camp, set on 208 acres in the middle of Bowen Island in British Columbia, is the smallest and most rustic of the C.S. camps. The Girl’s sessions run for half the summer and the Boy’s for the other half. There are also two six day sessions of Family Camp at each end of the summer. There are between 9 to 12 on staff consisting of an Assistant Director, Counselors, Counselors- in-Training, Camp Cook, Cook’s help and a handyperson.  Activities often center on the lake and the field beside it. There are plenty of paths through the woods, many leading off the property for hiking, rock climbing and rappelling, or to the ocean beaches. There is also a ropes course and climbing tower on the camp property.

Reporting to the Camp’s Executive Board, the Director is responsible for the successful leadership and management of Camp. This includes ensuring everyone coming to Camp is blessed by the experience and is made to feel unconditionally loved. Recruiting, training, supervising, mentoring and evaluating staff and counselors is the responsibility of the Executive Director. They will maintain high quality program by creating and maintaining opportunities for all participants’ spiritual, mental and physical growth. The Executive Director works in conjunction with an Assistant Director to run camp sessions, leading daily activities and other activities as appropriate. The Executive Director arranges for Camp shows throughout North America, fund raising activities and the preparation of an annual budget. They will also direct the varied administrative duties ensuring all aspects of the Camp business are supported in the appropriate manner. Capital projects including all maintenance concerns of the buildings and grounds will be managed by the individual in this position. The Executive Director will engage the Bowen Island community in the use of the Camp facilities when appropriate.

Camp Bow-Isle is seeking a candidate who is a strategic thinker and problem solver. The ideal candidate will bring a collaborative style to the camp, with a proven record of leadership and excellent communication skills. They will also be an experienced team builder and manager in an environment that supports children of all ages, parents, donors and the community at large. The successful applicant must be an active member of the Mother Church, a branch church member and be a class taught Christian Scientist who actively attends an association meeting.  The candidate should have five years’ experience at a summer camp.  Outdoor education training and a university degree is preferred. They must be willing to live and work on the camp property year-round. They will embrace the challenge of supporting the camp’s mission statement “to offer an outdoor, recreational, cultural and spiritual program to enable individuals and families to recognize their spirituality and cherish each other through the practical application of Christian Science.”

Executive Director Job Description

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

  1. The Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership and management of Camp Bow-Isle, according to the strategic direction set by the Executive Board. The Executive Director reports directly to the Executive Board of Camp Bow-Isle. All full time, part time and seasonal staff report to the Executive Director.
  2. The Executive Director is an active student of Christian Science, demonstrating the highest standard of Christian Science practice on a daily basis, both privately and as a role model for campers and staff. He or she metaphysically supports Camp Bow-Isle daily.
  3. The Executive Director ensures that everyone who comes into contact with Camp Bow-Isle, at any time and for any reason, is blessed by the experience, and is made to feel unconditionally loved.
  4. The Executive Director recruits, trains, supervises, mentors, and evaluates staff and counselors on an annual basis.
  5. The Executive Director strives to provide the highest quality camp program. This includes:
    1. Creating opportunities for spiritual, mental and physical growth.
    2. Maintaining the current program, including separate sessions for ages and genders.
    3. Continuing to expand and improve the quality of program activities offered, enabling campers to gain outdoor skills.
    4. Helping campers and parents to link the camp experience to life at church, home and school.
    5. Recognizing that program activities are a means to an end, not ends unto themselves.
    6. Ensuring that campers are physically and emotionally safe while at camp.
  6. The Executive Director maintains, upgrades and improves the facility through capital projects; minor improvements; regular and seasonal maintenance of all Camp facilities, equipment, vehicles, services, and systems; and hazard tree identification and removal. He or she organizes an annual spring volunteer work party.
  7. The Executive Director attends camp shows, annual Camp Directors’ meetings, national and regional DiscoveryBound events, and other activities where there is an opportunity to promote Camp Bow-Isle. He or she may also attend British Columbia Camping Association conferences when advantageous.
  8. The Executive Director leads fundraising/friend-raising efforts by cultivating and soliciting donors, promoting matching grants, and being an ambassador for Camp Bow-Isle.
  9. Administrative duties for the Executive Director include:
    1. Processing enrollment applications.
    2. Tracking and evaluating trends in these and other critical areas and reporting these trends to the board.
    3. Maintaining timely correspondence with the Camp community.
    4. Providing monthly time-sheets to the Executive Board, including vacation days.
    5. Providing monthly reports to the Executive Board.
    6. Reviewing liability and D&O insurance policies annually.
    7. Ensuring that all vehicles have appropriate insurance and all drivers have proper certification.
    8. Facilitating summer staff entry into Canada via Immigration Consultation.
    9. Reviewing and ensuring appropriate legal waivers are in place for all participants.
  10. The Executive Director creates an annual budget to be approved by the Executive Board and Guild Members; monitors spending in relationship to the budget; coordinates with the bookkeeper.
  11. The Executive Director shall maintain the following certifications, and others as necessary:
    1. Lifesaving (NLS)
    2. First aid/ CPR/ wilderness first responder
    3. Class 4 driver’s license (minimum)
    4. Ropes course and rock climbing certifications
    5. Archery
    6. Canoeing
    7. Sailing
    8. Food safety
  12. The Executive Director shall engage the Bowen Island community by offering the use of Camp facilities, when safe and appropriate. He or she also interacts with the Bowen Island community on a personal level, setting an example as a Christian Scientist and good neighbor; follows local political and municipal activity to ensure CBI is seen as a benefit to the Bowen Community; applies annually for Municipal Permissive Tax Exemption; attends BI Municipal Council Meetings and Community Grants Advisory Committee meetings when needed.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Be an active Mother Church and branch church member
  • Be a class-taught Christian Scientist who annually attends a Christian Science association meeting
  • Have ethical and moral behavior in both personal and professional dealings
  • Be an experienced leader, team builder and manager
  • Be willing to live and work on the camp property year-round
  • Be willing to work full time in the off-season and camp hours when camp is in session.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Be a strategic thinker/problem solver.
  • Have a genuine fondness for and ability to relate to children of all ages, parents, donors and others.
  • University degree (preferred)
  • 5 years experience at a summer camp or residential program (preferred)


$50,000 to $60,000 based on experience

Generous Benefit Package including:

Ferry Card
Year-round Housing and Utilities
Food during Summer months


If you are interested in applying for this position please click here to download the application and send it along with your cover letter and résumé to board@bowisle.ca by 5 pm March 16.