Seasonal Employment

Interested in working at Camp Bow-Isle? Camp employment offers a unique opportunity for Christian Scientists to gather in a beautiful location for a summer full of activity, joy, hard work, and growth.

As part of our Men’s or Women’s counselling staff, you’ll have opportunities to enhance your leadership and communication skills while collaborating with staff, supporting campers, and facilitating program activities. Prior to working with campers, you’ll take part in a staff training week that will prepare you spiritually, mentally, and physically through lesson study, rigorous activity, and a whole lot of fun!

Merlins, photographers, and kitchen staff are included in the family atmosphere and may participate in Camp activities while at camp!

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Below are the positions available for the summer:

Counsellor in Training
For Junior sessions. This volunteer position offers first year counsellors the opportunity to share tent responsibilities with a Senior Counsellor(s). C.I.T.s are expected to participate in all activities and help facilitate programming. Must be at least 17 years old. 

Junior Counsellor
For Junior sessions. Junior counsellors are responsible for the welfare of campers in their tent, and expected to plan and carry out program activities. Must be at least 18 years old.

Senior Counsellor
For Junior and/or Senior sessions. Senior counsellors are responsible for the welfare of campers in their tent, and expected to take a leadership role in all aspects of camp. Must have at least two years of camp counselling experience.

Skills Week Counsellor
Skills week is a one-week program solely focused on one or two unique skills, which might include mountain biking, surfing, cooking, and/or woodworking. Skills counsellors are not required to be experts, but are expected to assist the director in planning and carrying out the program. Skills week is a senior program that runs concurrently, but independently from Junior sessions.

Family Camp Staff
Staff care for the needs of individuals and families during family camp sessions. They also assist program activities and help take care of duties.

Keeps the facility operational on a day-to-day basis — mowing lawns, emptying garbage, mopping floors, etc. In addition, the merlin completes auxiliary projects based on skill level and assists with camp activities as needed.

Is present at all camp activities to photograph campers and staff in action. Each evening, the photographer edits and uploads the days’ photos to our smug mug account. As needed, they may help out with logistics and driving.

Head Chef
Responsible for planning, cooking, and presenting meals made with love to campers and staff, while striving to minimize food waste. A typical day begins around 6 am and ends around 7 pm with a few hours off between lunch and dinner. Camp director will assist the Head Chef with placing food orders.

Assists the Head Chef(s) in preparing, cooking, and presenting meals made with love. A typical day will begin at 6am and end around 7pm with a few hours off between lunch and dinner. 

For more information please email Camp Bow-Isle. or phone us toll-free at 877-943-2442.