Camp Bow-Isle began as an idea in 1960 — a group of forward-thinking Christian Scientists who envisioned a place that their children and future generations of young Christian Scientists could come to enjoy outdoor recreation in the company of other spiritual thinkers. Today, those goals and ideals remain the same. Camp Bow-Isle operates on the highest standards, incorporating the study and application of Christian Science to all aspects of life at Camp.

givetocamp2Your prayerful and financial support of Camp Bow-Isle are vital to Camp’s operation, and your loving gifts will bring outstanding summer experiences for young Christian Scientists at Camp Bow-Isle. For details on how to give to Camp, please visit our Ways to Give pages. The Wish List page describes our current and long-term facility needs.

If you have another idea that you do not see listed, please give us a call: toll-free (877) 943-2442 or email Camp Bow-Isle.