History 1Sometime in early 1960 a group of Christian Scientists from the Vancouver area met in a local family’s living room to discuss the idea of a summer camp for students attending Christian Science Sunday Schools. In July of that year, a Certificate of Incorporation was issued to the “B.C. Camping and Recreation Guild for Christian Scientists,” and 160 acres were purchased on Bowen Island for Camp Bow-Isle. The first summer camp was held in a couple of circus tents in the orchard, and water was pumped up from a nearby creek.

Camp Bow-Isle Bus 1980 Over the years a few things have changed at camp, but one thing has never been forgotten: Camp Bow-Isle exists to support young Christian Scientists as they learn more about themselves as perfect children of God. We don’t teach Christian Science (except in Sunday School), but every one of us tries to live the precepts taught by Mary Baker Eddy to the best of our ability. We ask every camper to do the same.

Camp Bow Isle Boys History