Boys Camp

Boy’s camp is all about spending time with a group of guys who are interested in having fun, spending time outdoors, and learning more about God. We play games, develop skills, and challenge and encourage each other to try new things in an incredibly supportive environment. Most of the activities are done “family style” - meaning that everyone in Boys camp, including the camp director and practitioner, are present and participating in each activity. 

This year, we will be running our girls camp programs and boys camp programs simultaneously. The girls and boys programs will operate independently of one another for the majority of activities, and will have the opportunity to join together for camp wide games and other select activities. 

Each youth session lasts two weeks and includes a variety of camp activities, delicious meals, camp duties, daily lesson study, Sunday School, and Wednesday testimony meetings. It’s the best two weeks and we can hardly wait!

“The counsellors are the best!!!”
“The counsellors are the best!!!”

Junior Boys

Ages 7 - 13    |   July 6 - 19

Dates and Rates

I learned that I never have to be scared because God is always with me and He would never want anything bad to happen to me.

Junior Boys Camper

Junior Boys is a fun-filled session for campers who want to do a little bit of everything in a spiritually uplifting atmosphere. Junior campers go hiking, swimming, canoeing, and play awesome games. Junior Boys participate in daily Lesson study, a Wednesday night testimony meetings, and Sunday School class at Camp. 

This session allows campers to focus on an area of interest (boating, climbing, archery, etc) throughout the session while still having the opportunity to try everything at least once. During this session campers will take a one-night overnight trip on the island near our property - a highlight for many campers. They learn to tie knots to set up a tarp, and eat food cooked over a camp stove.

Campers may come for the first week of session 2 though we encourage the full two weeks to get the most out of the program! 

“The counsellors are the best!!!”
“The counsellors are the best!!!”

Senior Boys

Ages 13 - 18    |    July 21 - August 3

Dates and Rates

In addition to the many activities that Juniors know and love, Senior campers have the opportunity to learn to be supportive of one another while trying out the ropes course, going rock climbing, paddling Camp’s Big Red Canoe, and playing complex and strategic camp-wide games.

While these activities bring in the fun, our focus is always in helping campers grow in new bounds– spiritually, mentally and physically. Senior campers learn responsibility and leadership skills based on spiritual values, creativity and teamwork. Senior campers take a 3-4 day out trip to one of the many beautiful areas surrounding Howe Sound, Whistler, or Pemberton. The trip can include hiking, a boating adventure, mountain biking, surfing, horseback riding, ziplining, or some other exciting multi-day trip off island. 

Senior Boys and Senior Girls programs will have the opportunity to learn and grow together at select times throughout this session. However, the bulk of the session will be spent independently, especially the out trip.
“The counsellors are the best!!!”

Senior surf Camp

Ages 13 - 18    |    August 4 - 10

Dates and Rates

Join us for a week of surfing, beach combing, and hiking in Tofino, BC - Canada's sleepy surf mecca. Walk through old growth forest down to while sandy beaches and perfect learning conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. You'll also partake in delicious food, a cozy Wednesday evening testimony meeting, and conversation around the campfire. 

Surf campers are encouraged to join for the regular two-week Senior session, particularly if they’re new to camp. Surf camp is a co-ed program.


A day in the life of a camper

7:00 AM

Wake up

7:20 AM

Lesson Study in tent groups

8:00 AM


8:40 AM

Duties (Clean up, Kitchen Patrol, etc)

9:00 AM

Morning Activities
(rock climbing, camp skills, low-ropes, hike, etc)

12:30 AM


1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Afternoon Activities
(Lake Time!, Beach day, High-ropes, archery, etc)

6:00 PM


6:40 PM

Duties (Clean up, Kitchen Patrol, etc) 

7:30 PM

Evening Program
(3-stix, tent night, testimony meeting, etc)

9:15 PM

Campers to Washstand and Tents

10:00 PM

Camp Quiet