For your Junior or Senior Campers, please forward a link to this page to your child’s Sunday School teacher. You may also print out this page and ask them to fill out and mail this form to Camp Bow-Isle prior to the start of their camp session.

Dear Sunday School Teacher,

One of your students will be participating in a camp session at this summer. As a part of their registration, will you please comment on the attendance, enrollment, and participation of this Sunday School student over the past 12 months.

You may send an email to Camp Bow-Isle ( with your comments — please be sure to include the name of your student so we’ll know who you are writing about! If it is more convenient, you may also include your comments in a written note and mail it to us at the address below. If you are mailing your note from the U.S., please keep in mind that you will need to affix $1.20 in postage to send your note to Canada.

Our mailing address is:

Camp Bow-Isle
871 Green Road
Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call Camp Bow-Isle toll-free at (877) 943-2442 (BIG-A). Thank you for your time and assistance.