60th Reunion Recap

Thanks to all of you who joined us for a wonderful time celebrating over 60 years of Camp Bow-Isle. For those of you who weren’t able to be there in person – thank you for your support from afar!

It was a joy to see all the smiling faces come up the driveway. Some attendees had not been to camp since the 50th reunion and it was great to have them back!  Once everyone arrived we shared some delicious food, listened to live music courtesy the Matteson Family, screen printed tote bags, ate snow cones, answered Bible trivia, and more, while chatting about all things Camp Bow-Isle.

Our Board President Shannon Hodgins opened the speeches with readings that included many of the metaphysical themes from years past. Ben Vaughan led us in singing Feed My Sheep by Mary Baker Eddy.  Carole Fernie and Dalyce Brandt shared treasured reminiscences of Camp’s beginnings, including the purchasing of the property and the founding families who had the idea to start Camp in the first place. Lance and Myrna Nordling commented on the simplicity of the early orchard days, where campers would “not hike up to Duncan’s hat, but would literally follow Duncan’s hat into the forest,” and how future generations will continue to be blessed by camp experiences to come. Next, Tim McCutcheon spoke of Camp’s formative years, during which Camp went from being a grassroots, community-run organization to hiring a year-round Director.  Tim shared a few chuckles with us as he recounted an incident involving out-trip chocolate pudding and the old “ropes yard”. Vanessa spoke of her first summer attending Camp, right after moving from Mexico to California. She shared how the support and community found at Camp nurtured her love for Christian Science. Finally, a current Junior Girl camper, Calla, spoke of her fondness of camp and all the fun activities that are possible in Youth and Family Camp Sessions. And for the final act, Jerry McIntire shared a recent Family Camp tradition: The Biffy Report.  Many others stood up to share their stories of healing, inspiration, and few shenanigans while at camp.

After the speeches we enjoyed some G-O-O-D C-O-O-K-I-N-G. That evening Ben Vaughan led a campfire, complete with accompanying guitarists, enthusiastic voices, and delicious s’mores. Those that stayed the night enjoyed a series of activities the following morning including a hike to Duncan’s Hat (the peak not the object), Kayak Polo, and frisbee down at the field. After a delicious pancake breakfast we all enjoyed a Sunday Service (or Sunday School) before saying goodbye.

The 60th Reunion is less of a celebration of a place, and more a celebration of people – of individuals that have attended a program or cleared a trail, dropped off their child, donated funds, or done countless other things in support of the idea that is Camp Bow-Isle. An idea expressed through all who have been positively impacted by their involvement with camp. We look forward to celebrating many more years with all of you!

A special thank you to the following individuals for their support this weekend.

Abby Becker – 60th Reunion Committee Chair

Cindie and Tim Kuhn, Michelle Chandler, and Peter Asher – Our cooking team!

The Matteson Family – Live music and PA system

Shannon Hodgins – Opening Readings

Ben Vaughan – Opening Hymn and Campfire

Carole Fernie and Dalyce Brandt – Guest Speakers: The Beginnings

Lance and Myrna Nordling – Guest Speakers: The Early Days

Tim McCutcheon – Guest Speaker: The Formative Years

Vanessa Ramirez Jasso – Guest Speaker: The New Generation

Calla Osborne – Guest Speaker: Current Youth and Family Programs

Jerry and Natalie McIntire, Jesse Dehnert, Henry Rasco, Elliot and Porter Matteson – Sunday Service Team

Nathan Herrington – Slide Show and Photography

Luke McCutcheon – Photography

Colin Herrington, Holland Richardson, Garrett Fielding, Love Kanyinda, Kristin Neurbert, Taylor Marples, Julia Perez, Isaiah Perez, Camille Richardson, Nathan Kuhn, Jesse Dehnert, Henry Rasco, Gabe Mason – 60th Reunion Staff

Thank you to all others who contributed and aren’t listed above!

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